Giving our interior doors a refresh with new knobs

Updating door hardware is one of the easiest and quickest home projects you can do. My parent’s house is a 90’s colonial in the suburbs which came complete with the 90’s brass door knobs. Changing out the dated door hardware for more modern levers instantly changed the whole look of the house! Here’s how the doors looked before replacing the hardware:

I found this pack of 4 door levers by Kwikset on Home Depot. The handles work well with and even modernize the more traditional style doors. The finish we chose is Venetian Bronze which looks great with the other bronze elements in my parent’s house.

Depending on how many doors you have, the cost can start to add up. To break up the cost a bit we started by only replacing the hardware on the first floor. Our front door locks are also by Kwikset. When we replaced the keyed lock going into the garage we were able to rekey it so we only need to have 1 key.

A few months later we bit the bullet and purchased levers for the bedrooms upstairs. We still have a couple of the old brass knobs on some bedroom closets and bathrooms but the doors that guests can see have all been updated.

We’ve also slowly been giving the interior doors a fresh coat of white paint (Behr Scuff Defense un-tinted white in semi-gloss). You don’t realize how dingy your doors and trim are until you start painting them a pure white! Also enjoy the sneaky peak of the powder bathroom remodel that we will be revealing soon!


Privacy 4 pack | Privacy single lever | Passage 4 pack | Passage single lever | Keyed lock

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