Elevate your living room with affordable Ikea curtains

After weeks of not having curtains in our living room we finally hung up our new Ikea curtains. It felt like we’re living in a giant fishbowl since all of our neighbors could see in. 🙈 But lemme tell you, they totally elevated our living room and you’d never know they were affordable curtains from Ikea!

I’ve heard bloggers and Instagramers rave about Ikea’s curtains so I had to check them out for myself. First of all the price can’t be beat. The TIBAST curtains came with 2 panels per pack and they were only $40!

I’m honestly super impressed with the quality and feel of the curtains. They have a subtle chevron pattern and are the perfect creamy white to go with our newly painted walls (Benjamin Moore White Dove).

While you’re at Ikea don’t forget to pick up their RIKTIG drapery hooks. These are what creates the pleats. This small detail is what truly elevated the curtains and made them look twice as expensive as they were. You can see in the picture below, how the drapery hooks loop through the slots in the back of the curtain panel.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the room before we took down the old curtains but trust me these look a million times better.

Do you guys have Ikea curtains in your home?


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